Friday, October 19, 2007

A room of one's own

Knit Picks Memories "Cape Cod"

I reached a point yesterday that had been building for a few days. The point of motherly meltdown. Thanks to two year molars and vicious sibling rivalry, my usually calm world tossed and roared and threatened to drown me in the black waters of hysteria.

We all survived. Things are quieter and more manageable again although it seems everything I pick up is sticky. What is up with the sticky when kids are around?

I did have a few moments of reflection at my holy hour of 5 past midnight and remembered a quote from Virginia Woolf," A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction."
Replace "write fiction" with " accomplish anything other than cleaning the sticky" and you will understand my state of mind. I fell asleep wishing I had a room of my own to escape to.
I woke up and read My Three Son's latest post. I now believe in the blog fairy godmother. While I go search for my passport and $180K please take a look at my dream room.

This is how I wind center pull balls. Not as cute as yarn cakes but I am too cheap to buy a winder and have an aversion to gadgets anyway. Unless you get me one for Christmas. Then I love winders.


Anonymous said...

So sweet and true. I have 2 lovely children whom I adore. They are 15 months apart. They are now 8 and 9, but when they were little and there were days like this, I could truly appreciate the old commercial, "Calgon, take me away." My husband worked long hours and it was just me and the kiddos. I used to think if I could just go to the bathroom without someone yelling, Mom. (Actually, I still think that) But they grew up, and they still have their moments, (the girl threw the boy's wrist brace in the toilet last week, while I was cooking dinner, and washing dishes, and realized the pipe under the sink had come loose and water was going everywhere) So, maybe if we all pool our money we can buy the THE LITTLE HOUSE and take turns using it for our getaway. Yea, that would be nice... Calgon, take me away.

Sandra said...


my god.

. . .

. . .


Heather said...

Nope: not a yarn winder, garlic press, apple corer, power windows, automatic transmission, or stand mixer. I guess I like manual labor.

the Lady said...

Wait, you don't have a garlic crusher? Just the regular one with two handles and the little holes that are a pain in the butt to clean?
I have no ball winder either, but I have to say, they're the cheap bit, it's the swift that keeps me from buying. I make do with ones at shops, but I have to say, it'd be nice to have my own.
Hm, I'm not even a mom and I notice the sticky and want my own space...

Marmee said...

Sticky...hmmmm, I I actually have learned to tolerate sticky. It is when sticky has a smell that I have a
You know I have read that when Susanna Wesley (John Wesley's mother who had 16 or so kiddos) wanted alone time she would put her apron over her head. I wear an apron all the time now, LOL.
Hope that cheers you!!

Ashley said...

I love your ingenious ball-winding technique, although a purple thumb has shown me the wondrous benefits of the ball winder. :) Hope you are able to find your place to escape! Let us all know when you we can come along! ;)