Monday, October 29, 2007

Peer Pressure

Thank you all for the sleeve suggestions . I was powerfully swayed by the majority of votes for ribbing. This may be the first time I have done something I've been told to do. I really have an awful tendency to do the opposite of what is suggested, just because I can, but I am happy to have listened and acted on this issue. Of course, I couldn't just add the ribbing and be done with it. I still wanted a little something I purled a row, knit 2 rows,then added ribbing. I think it is cute.

The next couple of days are full of Halloween goodness and a visit from my mom (hi, Mom!) I am looking forward to the parties, school events,costumes, and candy.

Happy Halloween!


amanda said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a post without photos of your foot! I'm not sure what to do. The BOO blocks look great. I can't wait to find the bags of candy when I get home.

Marmee said...

Hubby better watch those comments about your foot, no telling where he might find it next..LOL!
Your sleeve looks great darlin and have a very happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

mr. pneuma apparently is not familiar with the knit blog world if he's making snarky comments about seeing pics of your foot on your blog. cuz the foot action on this blog is NOTHING compared to others (read: Me).

cute sleeve. i think ribbing was the way to go after all.

i kinda hate halloween but HAPPY HALLOWEEN, anyway! ;)