Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Finished: Juliet

I have discovered the key to releasing Alabama from this drought; I simply have to finish a knit and want to take a picture. This is the second time the sun went out on me during my modeling session. However, I just need to share, so here she is, my Juliet bathed in glittering flash light:

The pattern is Juliet by Zephyr Style

Knit in Cotton Ease taupe on size 10 needles.

I made the fabric covered buttons from Aunt Shelley's fabric stash

The mods: I knit this to pattern with the exception of the sleeves and gauge. I didn't bind off the sleeves and made them a bit longer to be short rather than cap. I had originally planned to knit 3/4 length sleeves, but got bored and just wanted to be done with it. Yeah, I am that kind of knitter.

I didn't want the already bulky yarn to be doubled so I knit the medium to get a small. I tried it on and realized it was too big, so I frogged back to the underarm join and knit to the small directions for an xs. I am happy with the end result. Just poofy and swingy enough without looking like I tied an afghan around my middle and called it couture.

Other exciting news for the latent designers out there: Hill Country Yarns is sponsoring a Sock Pattern contest. Submit your winning design here and win prizes.

Miss A has requested a Juliet in her size. Where did my calculator go?


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Congratulations on finishing, Heather--it looks great! And I am so impressed with those buttons? did you really cover them yourself?


Heather said...

Thank you, Frances. The buttons are easy - I have a little kit from Hancock's that comes with the button backings. The hardest part was sewing them on!

Sandra said...

it's like that for everyone, trust me. the sun NEVER comes out when i need to take pictures. :P i love your juliet. looks quite fantastic on you.

i'm a sucker for pretty fabric buttons. huh, i never knew making them was so easy. i'm gonna have to look into getting a kit. . .

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL sweater!!! I can't seem to get over my sock addiction to take on any projects this demanding!!!

The buttons are awesome!!

tonni said...

Beautiful! If you are looking for a knitting group, there is a small knit shop in Montevallo that several residents of Helena frequent. It is called Sheep to Shawl, main street. Come join us! It takes place every Tuesday night 6-9:00.

Emily said...

That is a seriously cute jacket.

Anonymous said...

The sweater is fabulous...and you are fabulous too!!! I can say that because I'm pneuma's Mom. You are such an inspiration and a source of pride to this old lady. See you at the crafto show!!!