Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ah, gourds, how do I love thee? I broke down and purchased some corn and gourds before our outing this Sunday to the pumpkin patch. I probably paid twice what the farm will charge. I blame it on the moon; I simply couldn't wait.Busy weekend at chez pneuma. We are celebrating Hubby's birthday ( who stubbornly remains younger than me), Little Man's second birthday, and our 6th wedding anniversary. Parties will commence shortly. Since I will be on the party, guests, cleaning, fun roller coaster for the next few days, I decided to take some quiet time this morning to reflect on life.

By quiet I mean real quiet. I took a stroll with Little Man around the city cemetery. He had fun watching blue birds and chasing dragon flies while I investigated a bit. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not morbid, contrarily, I am fascinated by the lives of those resting there. These are the folks that built this place I call home. So being the curious cat I am, I've been trying to learn more about the history of this small town. The cemetery happens to be located behind our library, so I am often there.

I have been able to cobble together a picture of the history of the town from the earliest settlers in the 1830's, the Union march into town across a wooden rail road bridge that spans the two rivers, the rolling mill, mines, coke furnaces, and of course the family trees. Having grown up in Atlanta, history was always cut in vast general swaths which almost always began with the destruction of the city. Atlanta is simply to large to wrap my mind around and fit in the details as intimately as I have been able to do here.

There are many early townspeople whose lives intrigue, but one man and his family, dare I say it, haunts me. He was a conductor on the local rails that carried passengers to Birmingham. He and his wife, 4 year old son, and 2 year old daughter lived in my town. On December 27th, 1896, he took his family for a loop on the commuter train, presumably on his day off as a holiday family outing. On the same bridge I mentioned earlier, the one spanning the two rivers, a group of bandits sabotaged the line hoping to rob the people aboard. They misjudged and the train advanced too far onto the bridge where it plummeted 100 or more feet to the ground and burst into flames. 22 people were killed, most instantly, including Mr. H's wife and children. He was seated with them and another man pulled him to safety on the river bank as the engine, coal car, and 2 passenger cars burned. The newspaper reports I have found indicate Mr. H survived, but was in serious condition, and "will die soon." The old reporters didn't leave out any graphic details but I will.

Mr. H's wife and children were buried in the cemetery, I located them and paid my respects today, but he is not there. What happened to Mr. H and where did he end up? This keeps whistling in my ears. Could he have survived and moved away to begin again? I just need to know. In drawing up my own map based on the maps I found from 1885 and hybrid satellite maps on google, I realized that if I walked out my front door and through the woods for 3/4 mile, I would be standing under that bridge. Here it is not even October and the ghosts are already visiting me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Equinox of Socks

Happy Autumn everyone! I finished the banana bread socks and Little Man's socks. Yes, they started out for Miss A, but even though she insists they fit her, I think they could be 1/4" longer in the foot. So LM will get this pair and Miss A's will be cast on shortly. She will never know about the switch because I do not have the super powers to rationalize with her. Let us never speak of this again.The banana bread socks are for me, knit from my basic sock recipe in Brooklyn Handspun yarn.
Disclaimer: No candy corn were wasted in the making of this photo.
The kiddos socks are also the basic recipe on a smaller scale and knit from hand dyed yarn from Sandra. Check out her new Etsy shop by the way. Full of very lovely items.

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up. We have field trips, birthday parties, out of town guests, doctors visits, and all the minutia that follows. I hope to finish the Juliet jacket in the midst of all this. I was deep into the lace panel the other night when I stopped to try it on and it was HUGE. I looked like this:
So, rip it, rip it, rip it, I frogged back to the underarms and decreased. I will try again. I truly am Romeo; in love with the idea of this sweater and unwilling to accept it will be the death of me.

"Look at the moon. No, that moon over there."*
Please be sure to look up Wed. night and glory in the ghostly light of the full Harvest moon. I promise it will be a tonic for your soul.

*for Michael

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On the needles

I've been busy knitting. The kids have had a tummy bug so I took advantage of the extra naps and couch time around here. I read this post a few days ago and was touched by Amanda's way with words about knitting and family.

On the needles: the soon to be ubiquitous Juliet by Zephyr Style, a little sock for Miss A from Sandra's hand dyed yarn, and the second of my banana bread socks.

Little Man has to be the coolest guy I know. This is what he looks like when we drop Miss A off at school.

He will turn 2 next week. I am gently reminding him the Binkie Fairy will visit and give his binkie to a new baby that doesn't have one. Somehow, I don't think he is as excited by that as I am. It could be that fact that he grabs the binkie and runs screaming , "NOOOOO!" from the room every time I mention the Fairy. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just focus on finishing up at least one of those projects this week instead.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fad Classic

Hooray! I finished my Fad Classic today! Miss A gave it the thumbs up.

Pattern: Fad Classic by Wendy Bernard

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in 'indigo'

I really like the way this turned out. I struggled a bit with the straps, but despite a few mistakes, I am looking forward to wearing this vest out and about.

The only mods I made are in sizing: I started with the 34" size on the straps because I have broad shoulders and vests tend to cut into my neck if I don't leave some roominess in the upper back. I decreased stitches after I joined in the round to get the 32" size which turned out just right. I only did 2.5 inches of ribbing at the bottom since the cotton will stretch with wear. This hit right above my pants line. I hate it when you get that (extra) bump from pants closures.
The photos are compliments of my kids and a strategically placed stool. It is awfully rainy here today so excuse the dark photos, but I just couldn't wait!

Have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Where Go The Boats?

Dark brown is the river.

Golden is the sand.

It flows along for ever,

With tree on either hand.

Green leaves a-floating,

Castles of the foam,

Boats of mine a-boating-

Where will all come home?

On goes the river,

And out past the mill,

Away down the valley,

Away down the hill.

Away down the river,

A hundred miles or more,

Other little children

Shall bring my boats ashore.

Robert Louis Stevenson

A train that crosses this river trestle is rushing by right now. I love the melancholy whistle interrupting the silence of night. I also love the sight of my children discovering nature.

Whether you mourn this day or rejoice it, remember we will all be away down the river one day. How will you leave the world for the children to come?

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I have posted now for several weeks. I think that it is time to open up about ourselves. Me first...

I am a sucker for quizzes. I especially like the ones floating around the webiverse that promise to match your answers to a particular inanimate object ( like yarn or coffee) and reveal the innermost depths of your soul. I always take the Jung and Myers-Briggs test with the idea that maybe this time my score will be different. Alas, I am always the same : INFJ.

The funny little quizzes make me smile. Being typed as mohair or cappuccino is decidedly more amusing than being classified as a person with a rich inner life and deep empathy for their fellow man who is too introverted to let anyone know about it. Hmm, that makes me wonder which work of literature I am...

I took this quiz today and here is my result.

You're Prufrock and Other Observations!by T.S. Eliot

Though you are very short and often overshadowed, your voice is poetic and lyrical. Dark and brooding, you see the world as a hopeless effort of people trying to impress other people. Though you make reference to almost everything, you've really heard enough about Michelangelo. You measure out your life with coffee spoons.
Well. Sums it all up. I guess my inner quest is over. Now what?

How about knitting?

The banana bread sock is at the heel and the Fad Classic is finally joined in the round. I had an embarrassingly tough time with the start of this vest. I don't consider myself a beginner knitter, but this really took some thought on my part. I had to correct a few mistakes as I went along and came to the conclusion one should under no circumstances knit while drowsy. Dangerous business that. I promise I have also been working on the Tulips cardigan from Knitscene. I only knit it while watching Mystery! Miss Marple series on PBS.
Yes, I guess since we are being totally honest with one another, I will also confess to having a special place in my heart for Miss Marple. I warn all of my family now, when I am geriatric, I fully plan on wearing heavy tweed sweaters under plaid capes, carrying an umbrella and a wool weekender bag, and not allowing so much as a twitch to pass across my porcelain skin as you all drop dead around me from blows to the back of the head and poisonings. Fear not, dear ones, I will solve these insidious crimes and still sneak in a jaunty vacay by the sea.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Some Goodies

Yeah, Sandra. Sending me some goodies? Can I say thank you enough for all of this yarn? Probably not so I'll let you all ooh and ahh over the picture. What a surprise and a treat!
Feel free to de-stash on me any old time.

I promptly cast on for socks with the lovely Brooklyn Handspun in 'banana bread'. I love the colors. Well, I waited until my family left for Atlanta and then I cast on. I was proud of my restraint.

The orange hank in front was hand dyed by Sandra and the colors are almost exactly Auburn football colors. Since I am now deep in college football territory, that hank will become game day socks for the kiddos. I am not a fan of any particular team, but odds are one or both of my children will be attending an SEC school so this is good karma.

Hubby and I hosted my parents and step parents this weekend. What a fun time! We really enjoyed the company. Dad and LM had a great time digging at the playground. Thanks for driving over everyone!