Friday, August 10, 2007

What inspires me?

Courtney of Two Straight Lines is posting once a week on the things that inspire her. I like this idea. When I am at my worst, most burnt out, cursing under my breath,, I know I have neglected the most important need in my life. Silence.

Silence always inspires me to think, daydream, wonder, awe. Magically when I have emptied my ears, the ideas rush in like a river in flood. Being the mom to a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old is as far from silent as I can get. So I drink coffee too late in the afternoon and stay up way past every one's bedtime and listen to the nothing. The void.

I once read a Buddhist book of thought in which I found this nugget ( wildly paraphrased do not sue me) : If you want to find God, simply sit, and stare at the wall.

So, we are on the cusp of a very exciting event. Earth is orbiting very closely to a big ol cosmic dust bunny. Seriously. The Perseid Meteor Showers are at their peak this Sunday late night/ Monday early morning. We are revolving closely to the dust and debris left behind from a Comet that passes by every 130 years. Wow. That's a long time. Makes me feel small.

I remember watching for meteor showers and lunar eclipses with my brothers. We would lie on the grass in the side yard and just stare. I can't tell you how long it has been since I plopped down on my back right on actual grass and dirt and roly polies. I am inspired to do this again soon.

Stargazing has always been big in my family. My Dad did an excellent job of sharing his enthusiasm for knowledge of all things in and of the Universe with us. His curiosity and deeply contemplative charisma hooked us young. He was to my child self the Pied Piper of learning ( his favorite thing to say was, "Look it up!" ) and to my adult self, the guy I want on my trivia team. My brothers and I are peas in a pod when it comes to wanting to know everything about anything. If you don't like to read info plaques, don't ever go to a museum with us.

So, I will be inspired by the shooting stars on Sunday and thinking of the men I love the most.

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Sandra said...

i, too, so cherish silence. spending the majority of my time in NYC, i can hardly get a moment's peace. thankfully, tho, i am able to escape the hubbub at the end of the day when i go home to Jersey.

and speaking of your brother, i had a grand ol' time spending quality time with both of them last week when Michael flew in for a visit. took in a ball game, ate some good bbq, walked through Central Park and Coney Island. it was good times. i was sad to see them end.

speaking of which, i sent michael home with some goodies for you. :)