Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I did a bit of sewing yesterday. Tea mats and coasters:

I was gifted a huge tote full of fabric from my Aunt Shelley. She had been sewing beautiful purses, but called it quits. I am making so many items with her fabrics. What fun! I wouldn't have been able to do all of this sewing without this treasure to mix with my scraps because I am poor. Not in determination, ingenuity, or moxy, but poor in capital. Oh well, in my next life I'll be golden.

Tissue holders: the University of Georgia fabric is from Shelley's stash. Just a disclaimer if my Dad reads this. He went to Georgia Tech.

Progress on the Gull Stitch Baby Sweater: hope it's a girl.

I am enjoying this knit. I decided to knit the yoke in stockinette rather than garter like E.Z.'s version simply because I really don't like garter stitch. I am doing a simple top down raglan cardigan with buttons construction but using the gull wing stitch for the bottom portion of the body and the arms.

I am knitting this in the Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn. I couldn't resist buying Vanna White's yarn. I don't know why, but this cracks me up. I have the urge to stand up and turn things 180 degrees all around the house. I always knit baby sweaters in acrylic due to the spit up and washing factors. I am not a big fan of acrylic; especially when it feels plastic and squeaky. This yarn is a little of both, but the end fabric is surprisingly nice and soft after a washing. Hopefully the baby isn't a yarn snob.

Received news of the death of my Great Great? Uncle Roy. He has been mostly dead for some weeks now and decided to take leave of us this morning. Roy was the kind of man you tell tales about. Funny, eccentric, bold stories that will eventually be upgraded to legend and lore as they are passed down through the family lines. I hope I live and die so no one forgets me too.

My thoughts and prayers go out to my Grandparents, and my Uncle Tom, who took care of Roy when Roy would have none of it, you have earned your place I am sure.


Sandra said...

sorry to hear about your uncle roy. :( sounded like a great man.

i love how your baby jacket is turning out. i actually really like the look of garter stitch. i feel that it is an often misunderstood and underappreciated stitch. but your stockinette stitch version looks really lovely as well. :) i hope it's a girl, too. it's pretty gutsy to cast on for such a girly project when you don't know the sex of the baby. hee hee.

i think i heard something about the Vanna White yarn. but i thought it was a joke. i guess not. too funny! :D

Elizabeth said...

Super cute sewing - love those fabrics! And your baby cardi is turning out very nicely. I'm knitting this right now too, although mine looks quite different - I like your mods.