Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's hot.

And by hot I mean hot. This steady temp of 102 degrees in my city for three weeks now is getting old. I have taken to leaving a saucer of water out for the frog that has taken up residence on my porch. I am afraid if he leaves the shade to search for water I will find only a charred frog outline on the walkway. It's that hot. Frogs bursting into flames hot. Enough already.

So I am combating the heat by knitting woolen socks.

I completed one of my Bloody Mary socks. I'm halfway through the leg on the second pair, but my hopes of finishing it this weekend are dimming because of this:

Yes, I cast on for the Fad Classic.
(photo from Knit and Tonic)

I am using Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in indigo. Boy, I like this pattern, but the top takes some focus before you join to knit in the round and I admit I cursed at it a few times. I look forward to wearing this with everything this fall. When small creatures are frolicking in the cool autumn air instead of bursting into flames.

Lovely handmade clothing is popping up on the blogs these days and I am becoming obsessed with making a skirt and possibly more for myself. Or giving up and waiting for the clearance sales at Old Navy. I used to wear black suits to work and totter on heels every day. Now I wear the mom uniform. Comfortable and cheap.

In my mind I am actually very chic. My hair is always just so and my waist is impossibly tiny. I wear dresses and pedal my cruiser to the market stand down the road to collect my daily bread and fresh veggies . The fender of my beloved bicycle is beginning to rust because I lean it against the wall beneath the window with potted geraniums. I own wellies to match each of my fabulous yet simple ensembles so I always look fresh even in my potager.

And then I wake up.


sandra said...

your sock looks great. i really do like that felici yarn. can't wait to get mine.

i tried knitting fad classic once. yeah, the beginning takes some concentration. and of course, i ended up joining the piece in the round with one of the shoulder straps twisted up and didn't notice it until i got a good inch and half of knitting in for the body. i then soon frogged and gave up. HOWEVER, i do think the top is really adorable and love the way it look on people. i bet yous is gonna be really cute in that indigo. look forward to pics.

and boy, that is hot. i have a friend who lives in decatur and she tells me it's unreal hot in the south right now. didn't realize it was frogs spontaneously combust hot. wow.

amy said...

I enjoyed your blog. I didn't realize until the end that you are from AL. Where are you? I live in North Alabama, Florence area. I also knit and sew.

Heather said...
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Heather said...

I am in middle Alabama. I just read an article about a Florence woman, Natalie Chanin, who designs her own clothing line. Small world!

Thanks for reading and please come by again.

Nichole said...

I just randomly found your block and it made me actually laugh out loud. What a funny post. haha :)

amandajean said...

those socks are great!