Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gull Stitch Baby Sweater

The little cardigan is complete. The buttons are from a box full my husband's Grandmother Gwen sent. The pattern is loosely based on Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Sweater. The vintage hanger is from my maternal Grandma - this was hers when she was a baby.
Now I just need to package the sweater up for the Mom to be.

I am glad to be a knitter. We have a tremendous amount of faith in the universe to be able to complete sweaters on 102 degree days. Hello, heatwave. I imagine we are all going to be at the forefront of reversing global warming. Do your part people, I can't live in a world without woolen socks. Can you?

The pics I took of the mashed potato incident did not look appetizing at all. Food Stylists have a hard job. However, they were delicious, or as Miss A says, " Muy delicioso."

Oh look at what the Sew, Mama, Sew blog theme for the month of September is! I love sewing little clothes. My favorite is pajama pants. I look forward to see what wonderful wee items are stitched up. I may even participate!

One last thing to share. Have you seen the beautiful sleeveless cardi by Elizabeth of A Mingled Yarn ? I think this is so pretty and she is kind enough to share it for free. The pattern is called Ophelia. Photo by Angela Duron.

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Sandra said...

you should right out a pattern for that baby sweater. it's really cute!