Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Days like these

Had one of those mornings that started way too early and didn't get better until later.

I did one of those mom explosions where the whining and fussing reached such an intolerable level I roared and stomped and huffed. That is one of the cats hiding from me.

Yeah, I'm the grownup in the room.

We rushed and fought and fussed and finally made it to the play date only to find the place didn't open until for another 45 minutes. I then laughed because that is all you can do sometimes. And promptly apologized to my kids for being loud mommy all morning.

But, day saved and new friends made. I really enjoy this group I joined. I have never been a joiner until this year. Mom's group, blog, Ravelry. I have 10,984 knitters ahead of me in line for Ravelry by the way. That is about 500 shy of the population of my small town. Knitters are a special breed I tell ya.
kpixie emailed me today: A Loop d Loop pattern book with this in a nice blue:
LOVE it. Wait, doesn't this remind you of: Knit and Tonic's Fad Classic. Hmmm. Maybe I'll knit both.
Oh, and my Bloody Mary socks are coming along. These are really going to be nice. The ribs are all smooshed together in the pic, but they open nicely when worn. And that one side isn't wonky; it just looks that way here.


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Sandra said...

it happens to the best of us. one of those days. i'm glad to hear you were able to laugh about it in the end. aww, poor kitty. hee hee.

so glad you decided to come out of hiding these days and decided to be a joiner. it's nice being able to spy on you and your crafty endeavors now at my own leisure. :)

wow, i am really loving that firefighter colorway. can't wait to get my order from knit picks!