Monday, August 6, 2007


I am amazed how this whole blogging thing works. I had left a comment on Blair's wonderful blog, Wise Craft, never expecting her to read my blog and comment back- but she did! I feel a bit star struck . I have to remind myself these women and men that let us peek into their lives are real. And kind. And generous. Thank you to everyone who stops by. Please visit Wise Craft
; Blair can rock a craft. Big time.

And the blogging worlds collide at times. Sandra was mentioned on another of my favorite blogs, Knit and Tonic. Seems Wendy will be knitting Sandra's sock pattern "Bloody Mary". The socks are very cool and you should check them out. Maybe a Bloody Mary-A-Long?

I am realizing I need to add many more of the blogs I frequent to my sidebar. Some day.

Ok, I am thinking I will frog the Shetland Shawl Turned Vest and make this sweater from Interweave Summer 2007. I have enough Reynold's Whiskey in the dark purple/grey and skeins in a lighter color for the lace. But then again, fall patterns are coming soon. Decisions, Decisions. Although now that I look at that neckline I have a feeling it would bother me. I am decidedly not swan necked like the model and I fear the high neck might be more 'mock turtle gone awry ' than 'graceful kiss of a collar'.

Next up: how deciding to finally lose these extra 5 pounds turned into cooking up mashed potatoes drowned in butter AND gravy.


Sandra said...

yeah, i was wondering why my site traffic increased tenfold a few days ago. that Wendy is *really* popular, good lord. i feel a bit star-struck myself when a big time knit blogs come on over and acknowledges your existence. :)

personally, i would just wait to see what fall patterns come out. especially since you're hesitant about that sweater to begin with. i think you'd just regret it. just my humble opinion.

Sandra said...

oh, btw, i thought i'd pass along a recipe for lighter mashed potatoes I got from Giada DeLaurentiis. Boil your potatoes as you normally would. But instead of adding milk (or cream) and butter when you mash them, use some good extra-virgin olive oil and some fresh grated parmasean (sp?) instead. garnish with some chopped italian parsely. Don't get me wrong, not NEARLY as wonderful as using butter and gravy but it's a decent alternative. :)