Monday, August 27, 2007

Bloody Mary Socks

My Bloody Mary Socks are complete. (See previous post for picture not taken at night with horrible flash sparkles). I enjoyed the pattern and the Felici yarn is quite nice. Very soft. My only complaint is that one skein had a lighter gray stripe than the other. This is no big deal to me, but if I were knitting these as a gift I'd be concerned. The dye lots matched, but clearly one ball didn't sit long enough in the pot o' charcoal gray. Quality Control issues I guess.
See the difference ? I'd like to thank Hubby for be willing to get down on the kitchen floor to photograph the bottom of my heels. My loving man.

I am very happy with these socks. I'll be even happier when it is cool enough to wear them outside. I cast on 64 stitches on #1 DPN's, knit twisted rib for an inch and then increased one stitch to continue on in the slip stitch rib pattern Sandra posted. The yarn is KnitPicks Felici in the colorway Firefighter.

Speaking of firefighters...

We went to the firehouse for a tour. The firemen opened the trucks for our group and the kids had a blast crawling around in them pretending to be on a rescue mission.
Miss A was cool with it but Little Man was over the moon. He didn't want to leave. My little hero.
This blurry picture is spot on the colorway of my socks (even the two grays on LM):
Notice how he stands with his hand in his pocket. He was thrilled to discover them and almost always adopts the catalog model pose now. Joe Cool.

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Sandra said...

great job! and the visial of the mister on the kitchen floor taking pictures of your heels is quite amusing, to say the least. :D

considering that your average indie yarn dyer charges close to double of what knitpicks does, i'll live with the inconsistent colorways and super s l o w delivery (i swear they send out their stuff by way of mule). that firefighter colorway is very lovely indeedy.

awww, little man so GQ. he's gonna break a whole bunch of hearts some years from now. . .