Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nap time sewing

I'd like to apologize for the bad photos- had to take them quick before little hands ran off with the camera.

This is one of two valances for my guest bedroom. Whipped these up during LM's nap. I would have opened the window to let more light in for the picture, but all you can see are my neighbor's two Goliath a/c units. I think the units are taller than me.

Real simple construction but perfect for my decorating sensibilities. I like spare and simple. Not much on frills. I love this fabric and am sorry I didn't buy more at the time. It is from the Freshcut line by Heather Bailey. Such lovely colors.

I simply cut the desired length and width, backed it with muslin, stitched the two together, turned inside out, and seamed an edge over to insert a cafe curtain rod in. Voila.

I also busied myself with an item Hubby doesn't understand. He thinks it is "nice" but why anyone would want to make or buy something that is given away free is beyond him. But look- I am saving the planet!

This is a REusable coffee cup sleeve. It is thick and quilted, bound, soft, and comforting. I love it despite the uncertainty from one such Hubby. Notice how I spilled said coffee all over my photo shoot prop. Tee Hee, that sounds like I put any effort into my photos.

You know those cardboard ones from the coffee places actually say 'only good for one use' on them? Well, that seems odd. I didn't like that, so I made one I could use, wash, reuse, etc.

Happy Birthday to my Mom! I actually called her and had a whole conversation without wishing her a Happy Birthday! I had to call back and admit my head is too full of important things like sewing coffee coozies than to remember to express my best wishes to the most incredible, talented, loving, and best Mom in the world. She (of course) fully understood and laughed at me with me. Like only a mother can do. Love ya, Mom.

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