Monday, July 16, 2007


I carved out some time ( begged, scratched, and fought for really ) this weekend to sew. Hubby was kind enough to oblige and kept the kids at bay for awhile. I whipped up three sets of tea mats + coasters similar to the photo. The ones in the photo were gifts from last Christmas. I plan to sell the new ones for yarn money.

I love creating. There are times the urge to create is so strong I can barely function until the thing is done. Such is the reason I have started a blog. Now, for about two years, I have lurked with gusto, hesitantly emailed a few, and bravely dared post a comment or two on at least 50 blogs. I am a blog addict. But, have my own? The thought really never crossed my mind. Until today. In the shower.

I got The Tickle in the back of my mind. Yeah, you know what I mean. The thought, the idea, the maybe becoming a well possibly then snowballing in to an have to do this now. Whew. Really, I didn't decide to create this blog until I was confronted with the 'save and create blog now' button. I wanted to throw up. After 34 years I have learned exactly 4 things. One of them being always do the thing you are afraid of. Either you prove yourself right or wrong, but at least you prove something. Not many can say as much.

If you can stand a complete lack of grammar, superfluous usage of commas, movie quotes, and jokes only I find funny, welcome. You will always find the door unlocked and a light on.

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Sandra May Be Knitting A Ranch House said...


I'm your first comment, yay! B told me the fabulous news today and I came to check out your new blog.

You're going to love it here in blogland, promise.

Sweet tea mats, btw!