Thursday, July 19, 2007

As promised...

I finished the tea mats this past weekend to sell for yarn money. Yes, I dream of the day the babes are in school just so I can go to work for yarn. Then I remember what a wreck I will be when I send them off to school. I am so torn. These are made the same way a quilt block would be, and I bind them with Kona cotton strips that I hand sew on. The hand sewing is my favorite part.

I also wanted to share my WIP, the Shetland Shawl Turned Vest or SSTV. The SSTV looks like a lump o' nothing right now, but I have completed the back and almost the entire front, and I just don't want to look at it anymore. There are two reasons:

1. The memories these stitches hold are sad and stressful ones. I was selling our house, Hubby had already moved 500 miles away for the job, and my sweet dog Fiona died. Those 3 months of my life were my worst and even though I love the pattern, I can't pick the thing up without a montage of those weeks running through my head.

2. All of those stitches to pick up that await me. I hate picking up stitches. Really hate it.

Notice my modification: I didn't do the seed stitch between the lace. I hate things that are too ribby and cling to my mama rolls. I like the yarn, Reynold's Whiskey in a gray/purple color. I think I might frog this and make something new and happy.

I'll leave you with the Little Man' s dessert last night. He ate two. And half of mine.

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GlobetrotGal said...

Nice teapot. Someone super cool must have given that to you! Anyhow, just had a minute break between unpacking more boxes and figuring out where to place things and Greg mentioned you had cute photos of the kids on your blog. They are cute. Can't wait to see them in November. Also, it's nice to read your musings...especially since it makes me look forward to the day I am settled and moved in here so I can have some time to pick up my knitting and other hobbies again! Enjoy, and carry on.