Tuesday, July 31, 2007

4 years

This weekend we celebrated Miss A's 4th birthday. She started the party in a bathing suit and ripped tights reminiscent of a Pat Benatar video.

Opening presents: 15 minutes

The gifts: $$ for another closet

Costume change #2: 35 seconds

Cupcake cake: $25

Demanding the entire package of candles: $2

Turning 4: priceless.

We enjoyed the whole weekend filled with family and friends. I miss the great conversations and energy, but after the weekend and another birthday at the park with our play group today (hi y'all), we are about beat. Thanks to everyone who made her birthday so special.

I did sneak in some sewing yesterday. I will post on that later when I upload some pics.

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Sandra knits ranch houses sometimes said...

happy belated b-day, Miss A! that party looked like real good times. man, is it wrong to be jealous of a four year old? ;)

loving the new pretty banner.