Tuesday, July 31, 2007

4 years

This weekend we celebrated Miss A's 4th birthday. She started the party in a bathing suit and ripped tights reminiscent of a Pat Benatar video.

Opening presents: 15 minutes

The gifts: $$ for another closet

Costume change #2: 35 seconds

Cupcake cake: $25

Demanding the entire package of candles: $2

Turning 4: priceless.

We enjoyed the whole weekend filled with family and friends. I miss the great conversations and energy, but after the weekend and another birthday at the park with our play group today (hi y'all), we are about beat. Thanks to everyone who made her birthday so special.

I did sneak in some sewing yesterday. I will post on that later when I upload some pics.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nap time sewing

I'd like to apologize for the bad photos- had to take them quick before little hands ran off with the camera.

This is one of two valances for my guest bedroom. Whipped these up during LM's nap. I would have opened the window to let more light in for the picture, but all you can see are my neighbor's two Goliath a/c units. I think the units are taller than me.

Real simple construction but perfect for my decorating sensibilities. I like spare and simple. Not much on frills. I love this fabric and am sorry I didn't buy more at the time. It is from the Freshcut line by Heather Bailey. Such lovely colors.

I simply cut the desired length and width, backed it with muslin, stitched the two together, turned inside out, and seamed an edge over to insert a cafe curtain rod in. Voila.

I also busied myself with an item Hubby doesn't understand. He thinks it is "nice" but why anyone would want to make or buy something that is given away free is beyond him. But look- I am saving the planet!

This is a REusable coffee cup sleeve. It is thick and quilted, bound, soft, and comforting. I love it despite the uncertainty from one such Hubby. Notice how I spilled said coffee all over my photo shoot prop. Tee Hee, that sounds like I put any effort into my photos.

You know those cardboard ones from the coffee places actually say 'only good for one use' on them? Well, that seems odd. I didn't like that, so I made one I could use, wash, reuse, etc.

Happy Birthday to my Mom! I actually called her and had a whole conversation without wishing her a Happy Birthday! I had to call back and admit my head is too full of important things like sewing coffee coozies than to remember to express my best wishes to the most incredible, talented, loving, and best Mom in the world. She (of course) fully understood and laughed at me with me. Like only a mother can do. Love ya, Mom.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The living is easy

We visited some of my family this weekend. Now that we are a few hours drive instead of nine, well, this will happen quite often. And I am glad for it. I had forgotten how nice it is to go 'home'. You know, where you can just slump on the sofa and not have to say a word if you don't feel like it.

We all went to a Jazz party in a quaint downtown district that has an amphitheater, soda shops, quilt and yarn shops, and a grassy plaza for the kids to run around. We had a blast. Miss A and Little Man got to create some fun memories with their Great Grandparents. Miss A wore her new dress and LM slept for most of the evening under the shade of a tree. Tough life, huh?
One day I will tell you about my Grandparents. They are amazing and fun, and I so hope Miss A and LM get to know them as well as I do.

On the knitting front, I have started the Tulip Cardigan by Kat Coyle from Knitscene Fall 2006. I am using a cheap yarn cause I just didn't feel like investing much if I don't wear it. I have no idea if this will turn out ok, but if it does and I wear it (outside in public) then I will knit it again in a dreamy yarn. It is super easy to knit and the miles of stockingette are just the daydream inducing stupor I need right now.

I also started a baby sweater for a soon to be arrival that I am making up as I go to look ( hopefully) like the Elizabeth Zimmermann February Baby Sweater like this one. Oh my Oh my I could eat it with jam and butter.

Speaking of yummy things, my Grandpa (yes the one in the yellow shirt up there) gave me some homemade bread, some homemade (muscadine,scuppernong?) jelly and the best homegrown tomatoes I have tasted in 7 long years. I whipped up some biscuits last night and sat myself down to a plate of sliced tomatoes with biscuits covered in butter and jelly. It was as close to being a Holy moment as I can get. If you have ever tasted real tomatoes with just a kick of salt and pepper and hot biscuits from the oven then you know what I mean. The family and I fed our bodies and souls well. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Thank you for the nice comments. Sandra asked if I was part of Ravelry yet. I haven't had time to check it out but heard on a pod cast that the waiting list is 7000 deep. Yikes! Better sign up now!

As promised...

I finished the tea mats this past weekend to sell for yarn money. Yes, I dream of the day the babes are in school just so I can go to work for yarn. Then I remember what a wreck I will be when I send them off to school. I am so torn. These are made the same way a quilt block would be, and I bind them with Kona cotton strips that I hand sew on. The hand sewing is my favorite part.

I also wanted to share my WIP, the Shetland Shawl Turned Vest or SSTV. The SSTV looks like a lump o' nothing right now, but I have completed the back and almost the entire front, and I just don't want to look at it anymore. There are two reasons:

1. The memories these stitches hold are sad and stressful ones. I was selling our house, Hubby had already moved 500 miles away for the job, and my sweet dog Fiona died. Those 3 months of my life were my worst and even though I love the pattern, I can't pick the thing up without a montage of those weeks running through my head.

2. All of those stitches to pick up that await me. I hate picking up stitches. Really hate it.

Notice my modification: I didn't do the seed stitch between the lace. I hate things that are too ribby and cling to my mama rolls. I like the yarn, Reynold's Whiskey in a gray/purple color. I think I might frog this and make something new and happy.

I'll leave you with the Little Man' s dessert last night. He ate two. And half of mine.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My babes

There they are. My two greatest creations. Miss A will be celebrating her 4th birthday in a couple weeks. She is proudly holding a letter she made, complete with a sticker "stamp", to mail to Sleeping Beauty. I had to write out the address : Sleeping Beauty, Enchanted Castle, Disneyland.
She even made me walk with her to the mailbox where she ever so carefully placed the letter in the box and pulled the flag out. I envy her imagination.

I love this picture of my Little Man. It is blurry, but boy, he looks just like my brother Brian in this shot. I miss you Brian. Hope to see you soon. I didn't give him the crooked haircut btw.

I am hoping to snap a nice pic of the tea mats I made last weekend and one of my knitting WIP's. I have been working on the Shetland Shawl Turned Vest by Veronik Avery in the book Lace Style I have been working on it since April. I have since finished several other knits.
I am thinking this is headed to the frog pond. We'll see.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I carved out some time ( begged, scratched, and fought for really ) this weekend to sew. Hubby was kind enough to oblige and kept the kids at bay for awhile. I whipped up three sets of tea mats + coasters similar to the photo. The ones in the photo were gifts from last Christmas. I plan to sell the new ones for yarn money.

I love creating. There are times the urge to create is so strong I can barely function until the thing is done. Such is the reason I have started a blog. Now, for about two years, I have lurked with gusto, hesitantly emailed a few, and bravely dared post a comment or two on at least 50 blogs. I am a blog addict. But, have my own? The thought really never crossed my mind. Until today. In the shower.

I got The Tickle in the back of my mind. Yeah, you know what I mean. The thought, the idea, the maybe becoming a well possibly then snowballing in to an have to do this now. Whew. Really, I didn't decide to create this blog until I was confronted with the 'save and create blog now' button. I wanted to throw up. After 34 years I have learned exactly 4 things. One of them being always do the thing you are afraid of. Either you prove yourself right or wrong, but at least you prove something. Not many can say as much.

If you can stand a complete lack of grammar, superfluous usage of commas, movie quotes, and jokes only I find funny, welcome. You will always find the door unlocked and a light on.